Duxford RFFS

Compiled by Station Officer Rob Unwin


The airfield fire service at Duxford Airfield started from an idea, in one or two members of what was the then East Anglian Aviation Society during 1974, to whom it was apparent that to operate the airfield for occasional test flights and for air shows, specialist services including fire cover and ground handling would be necessary on a part time volunteer basis.

The Imperial War Museum in the 1970’s were only at Duxford as an outstation / store for the Museum in Lambeth Road.

Fortunately at this time, Stansted Airport was disposing of some of its older fire equipment, and following negotiations with them, Duxford’s first fire appliance was acquired, this being Thorneycroft Nubian /Sun Water (Foam) tender VXN867. It carried 950 gallons of water and 50 gallons of protein concentrate.

Almost straight away training commenced with the first volunteers, including Terry Betchley, who is still working part time in the Airfield Services Department, over 40 years later, following a long and fruitful career in the Army Air Corps!


A Brief History of
 Duxford Airfield Rescue & Fire Fighting Service
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