Duxford Airfield Rescue & Fire Fighting Service
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Rescue & Fire Fighting Service (RFFS) Operational Requirements Duxford is a licensed airfield - this means that flying for ‘hire or reward’ can take place, Whether it is flight training, or pleasure flights as operated by Classic Wings, or other Duxford based operators Duxford’s day to day license category is C.A.A. ‘CAT 2’ - Aircraft up to, but not Including 12 metres in length and no more than 2 metres fuselage width under the guildelines set out in Civil Aviation Authority publication CAP 168 - Licensing of Aerodromes (We can now offer Higher category cover up to CAT 5 with 48 hours prior notice) The response requirements for ANY licensed aviation Fire Service are; To respond to any aircraft movement area on the airfield (Runways, taxiways, parking areas) within 3 minutes in CAP 168 the wording is ‘SHALL make a three minute response’ (which in legal terms, means “You Will”..) and SHOULD aim for a TWO minute response to these areas and within three minutes have media (foam, dry powder, etc) being applied at not less than 50% of the required rate of application (in ideal weather and surface conditions) The above 2-3 minute time frame is for fixed wing aircraft, for rotary wing aircraft (helicopters) we must be ON SCENE AND HAVE MEDIA BEING APPLIED in no more than TWO minutes We also have to cover a 1000m off each end of the runways…. In order to check that we can achieve these performance criteria, regular Timed Response exercises are called to diffferent points on the airfield to ensure that both the crew and the vehicles meet the necessary performance requirements Licensed aerodromes also have to hold bi-annual exercises involving all the local authority agencies who would respond to an aircraft incident at the airfield - Local Authority Fire & Rescue services, Local Ambulance Service, Police, HART team, and any other appropriate agencies required. The exercise is monitored by the CAA to ensure the aerodrome emergency plan actually works as is intended
Fire 3 on response and deployment exercise