Duxford Airfield Rescue & Fire Fighting Service
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Quarterly Training In order to stay current Duxford’s fire crew have to carry out training in 9 key areas; Pump Operations - hose running and related drills, as well as operation of the appliances Hot Fire training (strange term as fires aren’t cold!) drills on the pressurised fuel rig Breathing Apparatus training, including Heat & Smoke and confined space training Ladder drills - straightforward and more complex ‘pitches’ First Aid training - from basic first aid to trauma and spinal care Aircraft familiarisation - learning access points, fuel locations, and even shut down procedures Rescue equipment - cutting gear (hydraulic, disc cutters, etc), lifting air bags, and winches Timed Response - ensuring that we can meet our response times on the airfield Driver training covering airfield, ‘A’ road, Motorway, and off road driving Each of these areas is divided further - i.e. Pump operations = Basic pump and hydrant operation with hose running drills, Monitor operation (vehicle monitors, ground monitors, loss of air procedures), Hosereel drills, Foam drills, Complementary media (Dry Powder & CO 2 ), Emergency decontamination & environmental protection, Pumping from open water In addition to this there are around 80 lectures to be completed quarterly, six monthly and annually which provide the technical knowledge to back up the practical skills To ensure personnel are at the required standard of competency, they undergo regular CAP 699 Assessments by one of our qualified CAP 699 Vocational Assessors
Rescue training Fire 3 on Timed Response Exercise Fire 2 Pump operation trainng
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