Duxford Airfield Rescue & Fire Fighting Service
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As a C.A.A. Licensed airfield, Duxford’s firefighters have to comply with the training and Qualification levels set out by C.A.A. Publications CAP 168 (Chapter 8) and CAP 699. Duxford Airfield Rescue & Fire Fighting Service has a training ground with; A hot fire training rig with pressurised fuel undercarriage, and engine fire scenarios under the wing and provision for small internal carbonaceous fires within the fuselage The fuselage also has a hold area beneath the main cabin and cockpit area A container for Breathing Apparatus (B.A.) training). Also a rig to simulate a crashed helicopter on its side.
Fire training rig Fire rig fuselage interior Hot fire training 'Helicopter' rig
Environmentally Safe Training Any un-burnt fuel, foam, and contaminated water, is contained By the Bund (liquid tight wall) around the training area , This runs into a collection sump, and from there to a separator tank here the contaminants are removed for safe disposal